Our Where Most Needed Fund is used to meet pressing needs that may go beyond traditional sponsorship needs yet do not qualify for our Children’s Crisis Fund. To donate to the Where Most Needed Fund, click here!

Here’s how the Where Most Needed fund helped us address issues in the past:

Water Projects
Many One Child Matters projects in Africa have struggled through an extended drought. Where Most Needed funds allowed the Olootepes Child Development Center to install a water tank to harvest the periodic rains from their metal roof. The water tank holds more than 2,600 gallons and will be a safer source of water for drinking, cooking, and washing the children’s hands and dishes. They also fenced in the tank to keep children safe and secure the water. The tank can provide enough water for 10 months of use.

Much-needed Office Improvements
The staff who oversee the 18 projects we have in Kenya worked out of a shared space. Room for a formal office was available, but a roof was needed. Where Most Needed funds helped secure a new roof. This new office allows our Kenyan staff to keep overhead costs low, no longer paying rent or internet usage fees from the cafes they used for meeting space.

Medical Emergencies
Last year, one of our partner missionaries in Swaziland experienced major complications after an emergency appendectomy. Where Most Needed funds were sent to cover medical expenses, a necessary step in many developing countries, where payment is demanded before treatment is given. Several months (and several surgeries) later, Mitch continues to heal. He and his wife oversee much of our work in southern Africa.