Medical Mercy is a unique medical ministry that delivers basic and advanced medical care to children in extreme poverty. Each country we visit is left with a program for continuing medical care for all those who are vulnerable and in need. That country is visited again and again by Medical Mercy teams, ensuring a continuity of medical care.

Since 2004 there have been over 45 medical trips to 13 different countries from the bush of Africa to the minefields of Cambodia, from the slums of India to the HIV-burdened country of Swaziland, and many others. Medical Mercy has seen over 80,000 patients in seven years. Over 240,000 prescriptions have been dispensed and three permanent medical clinics have been designed, built, and staffed by Medical Mercy. Those clinics continue the medical ministry when our medical teams leave the country.

Medical Mercy also trains local teachers, project leaders, and missionaries to be Health Care Workers, giving them the expertise to continue caring for sick children in their care, ensuring that these little ones have every opportunity to live a full and healthy life.

We are Christ-driven and Christ-directed, and simply His servants using our gifts as good stewards to care for children and their families who seek God’s grace and blessings.

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