Your sponsored child knows they have another day to live and make a difference.

Your sponsored child lives in a culture that does not have the access or funds to basic medical care, healthy eating habits, or adequate personal hygiene. A child's overall health will suffer because of the lack of preventative resources, insufficient knowledge of illness, and limited warnings against high-risk behaviors. Your support allows your sponsored child to excitedly await their future it gives them what they need to walk through life knowing how to best take care of themselves and their bodies. Your sponsorship provides life-changing medical care, health education, and resources for a healthy lifestyle.

A child with good health is a child with unending possibilities ahead of them.

Your sponsored child is able to go to primary school or tutoring through our One Child Matters centers.

The cycle of poverty is cruel and unforgiving. For many children living in impoverished countries, their families do not have the ability to send a child to school. If a child is unable to receive any amount of formal education, they will not learn the skills necessary to earn an income and support themselves as adults.

Your sponsorship has changed the trajectory of your child's life. Your sponsored child learns skills and gains an education that will encourage them to pursue their dreams and break out of the cycle of poverty.

For many of our sponsored children, their dreams are to help other children in their community, so that they may return the generosity that has been given to them by their sponsor - you!

An education leads a child down the path of self-discovery as they grow into the person God created them to be.

Your sponsored child is a member of a loving community.

Many of our sponsored children spend their days alone. Their parents may be working long days or the children are busy running errands and doing chores. These children are caught in the hectic life of adult responsibilities instead of enjoying the innocence of just being a child.

When you sponsor a child, a new world of opportunity opens up to that child in the midst of their devastating conditions. They are taken into the sanctuary of our projects and are surrounded by encouraging staff, devoted teachers, and faithful volunteers. Children who used to feel alone are taught to socialize within activities, such as sports, drama, and music.

Through your sponsorship, children's eyes are opened to see the light breaking through their dark circumstances.

your child is given the chance to learn about Jesus Christ.

Hope is a powerful tool and a beacon of light. For these children living in poverty, hope is scarcely found when life is so difficult. Many are paralyzed by fear of the unknown - if their family will come home, if there is food on the table, or if they will ever achieve their dreams.

This is why your sponsorship is vital to the life and future of your sponsored child. Our staff creates an environment for these children to learn about what God has done for them, hear that He treasures them, and worship Him in response. It is through recognition that God is bigger than their circumstances that they begin to find hope and trust that they are in His hands.

Hope gives your child unwavering belief in God's goodness based on His past faithfulness in their lives.

Your sponsorship is a wonderful way to change your sponsored child's life. It is your very own words of encouragement that will pierce your child's heart and allow the Lord to transform them from the inside out.

YOUR LETTERS to your sponsored child are proof that someone knows their name and loves them. To be cherished is one of the greatest desires of a child's heart, and to receive a personal letter from their sponsor is one of the most special gifts your child can receive.

Login to My Account and write to your child right here on our website. (Note: For sponsored children living in countries hostile to Christianity, you want to be able to share Christ's love without endangering your child. One Child Matters has a special set of letter-writing guidelines as well as fun writing tips that will help you with your letters!)


YOUR PRAYERS do wonders in the life of your sponsored child. As you lift up prayers for your child, know that God hears you and He showers them with His infinite love. Below are some scriptures you can use as foundation for your prayers.

Your sponsored child is fearfully and wonderfully made, and was carefully knit together in their mother's womb.
- Psalm 139:13-14

Your child was created with a specific purpose in mind, but the road ahead is frightening. We will remind them to be strong and courageous because God will never leave them.
- Deuteronomy 31:6

Encourage your child with the truth that if they know Jesus Christ as their Savior, their old life is gone and they are made new.
- 2 Corinthians 5:17