Automatic contributions can...

  • Save you time on writing checks and filling out monthly forms
  • Save money on postage and checks
  • Save the hassle of delayed or lost checks
  • Save One Child Matters from paying bank fees and processing fees

An automatic contribution is a voluntary service authorized by you to allow One Child Matters to deduct a monthly contribution from a bank account or credit card in your name. Click on the type of automatic payment you would like to sign up for or call us at 800.864.0200, 8:00am - 5:30pm mountain time to begin your automatic contribution.

If you need to change your existing automatic contribution, you are welcome to use the form below. Submitting this form will not create another automatic contribution on your account.

You will continue to receive a receipt of EACH transaction and you can cancel your automatic contribution at any time! One Child Matters takes your personal information very seriously and works to keep it private. Privacy Policy

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