In a few countries One Child Matters partners with schools to serve children in need. Like child development centers, partner-based schools facilitate the holistic development of each child they serve. Typically, we partner with independent child ministry and service organizations that run the schools with support from One Child Matters. 

Unlike our child development centers, partner-based schools are in fact formal education facilities recognized by their local governments. While child development centers provide tutoring and lessons in a few select subjects, partner-based schools provide formal education.

Many of the partner-based schools are Christian in orientation, but some are not due to local laws and restrictions. Whether formally Christian or not, all schools that One Child Matters supports share Jesus with the children and promote Christian values in one form or another. In sensitive countries, the explicit sharing of Christ is not possible when One Child Matters partners with certain government schools.

Children who attend partner-based schools will not necessarily receive what is equivalent to a K-12 education. Some schools are primary schools and do not offer any secondary (high school) classes. The majority of partner-based schools do, however, offer secondary education.

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