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The Medical Mercy Program

It's hard to be healthy in the harsh environment of poverty. The world of the poor is not kid-safe, and its children are at exceptional medical risk. When medical crises arise, poor families often lack access to medical facilities  and if doctors and clinics are accessible, these families rarely have the resources to pay for treatment or medicines. For children of poverty to survive and ultimately reach their full potential in Christ, medical intervention is critical.

The children served by our worldwide ministry are those most in danger of becoming statistics: lives cut short or permanently disabled because of inadequate ­or nonexistent ­ health care. That's why each of our partners is charged with providing all registered children with basic health care and medical intervention as needed. To provide each child in our program with a standard level of care that optimizes his or her physical health, One Child Matters has developed the Medical Mercy Program.

Program Components:

1. Prevention (including health screenings, hygiene training, immunizations, and voluntary counseling and testing for HIV)
2. Basic Healthcare
3. Regular Health Monitoring
4. Critical Care
    •    Medical care for those who are HIV positive
    •    Assistance in accessing antiretroviral treatment for those with HIV
    •    Medical care for those suffering from other life-threatening diseases
    •    Supplemental nutrition as needed
    •    Emergency care

Medical Mercy's goal is for all projects to have an established and functioning medical program, and for all One Child Matters children to receive primary healthcare and prevention education. In addition, all children will have affordable access to quality critical care if and when needed.

To continue to provide this crucial ministry, we need your help! Please consider partnering with One Child Matters to support this critical endeavor.


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Medical Mercy Director, Dr. David Beyda, blogs during his trips. To learn more about Medical Mercy clinics and to see photos from several years of ministry, click the link above.