One Child Matters believes that a holistic approach – ministering to all of a child’s needs, not just a select few – is the most effective method of promoting child development. This is why we carefully and thoughtfully minister to each child’s spiritual, physical, socio-emotional, and mental needs.

Much like a flower, a child will grow and mature to a limited extent regardless of whether or not each of their specific needs are met. But the degree of nurturing a child receives will determine whether or not that child truly blossoms. By facilitating the holistic development of children under our care, we help a child reach his or her God-given potential.

One Child Matters is not seeking to westernize our children or merely provide a handout; we do not promote a particular cultural mindset or create a state of dependence. Instead, One Child Matters hopes that by nurturing the needs of the whole child, we are equipping them with the ability to fulfill God’s specific calling on their life.

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