Mental Development

One of poverty’s cruelest characteristics within the developing world is its ability to rob children of their intellectual potential. Due to financial reasons, children may have to work to help support their families, leaving no time for school. Or school fees are simply too high for children to be able to go to school. Because of these constraints and many others, children never receive an education; they are never able to develop income-generating skills. As a result, these same children are only able to secure a subsistence lifestyle like the one of their parents, perpetuating a cycle of poverty.

One Child Matters equips children with the education and skills necessary to become self-sustaining individuals that can positively impact their communities, breaking the stubborn cycle of poverty.

How We Minister to Mental Needs

Many of our projects are official schools that instruct our children in the typical subject and skill areas. Other projects are not official schools but often provide children with tutoring services to help them with their studies and encourage them in their education. Problem-solving, decision-making, leadership, literacy, numeracy, and other life skills are also normally taught. In addition to basic academics, older children are typically provided with vocational training. This training ranges from instruction in trades like sewing and carpentry to farming.