Physical Development

Good physical health is central to every child’s development. Sadly, many One Child Matters children are trapped in situations where their physical health is assaulted daily by the realities of their poverty-stricken environment. These realities include disease, poor sanitation, and hunger.

Habits and behaviors can also put children’s health at risk. These behaviors range from innocent ignorance of proper hygiene to willfully engaging in drug use or premarital sex.

One Child Matters believes that children need access to nutrition and medical services in order to achieve proper health. It is our desire to provide these services to children and to teach children habits that will help secure good health. We believe this integrated approach will enable children to grow to be healthy individuals, ones that value themselves and a lifestyle characterized by wellness.

How We Minister to Physical Needs

Children attending One Child Matters projects are commonly provided with nutritious food or supplements. Our children generally undergo preventative medical check-ups and are given immunizations to fight common diseases. Children are also taught how to take care of their bodies and protect themselves from illness through simple but effective hygiene habits. They are also instructed in the dangers of high-risk behaviors, such as premarital sex. Furthermore, some projects facilitate games and other forms of recreation to increase the children’s physical coordination and promote exercise.

Additionally, our Medical Mercy program provides more extensive medical exams and treatments for kids that have particularly high health risks. And when children with special medical issues are identified, we utilize resources from our Children’s Crisis Fund to make sure these children receive proper care.