Social And Emotional Development

Many children in the developing world live in an environment where their social and emotional needs go unmet. Some children spend most of their time by themselves, as they are unable to go to school and their parents have to work all day. Other children come from broken or abusive homes. The question of the child’s heart, “Do you love me?” is answered by the absence of a parent, or by a slap across the face.

One Child Matters believes that the existence of a social network of individuals that care for and love a child provides him or her with an emotional support system. This system provides that same child with the resilience needed to overcome the trials and tribulations of poverty. 

How We Minister to Social and Emotional Needs

The One Child Matters projects are places of unconditional love and support for the children they serve. The attention the children receive at the project assures them that they are indeed loved and provides them with the emotional support they need to overcome their difficult situations. In some cases counseling is provided for children who need it.

While at the projects, children are also encouraged and instructed to socialize with others and treat them with kindness and respect. Sports, music, drama, and special outings are typically offered to facilitate positive interaction among the children.