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During the past year, Philippines Child Rescue Home welcomed 14 new girls, ages 4–14, rescued from the child sex trade.
When a neighbor offered Gloria a house-cleaning job, the young teen eagerly accepted. Living in poverty in the Philippines, Gloria was grateful for the opportunity to earn money to help her family. Little did she know the horrors that awaited her. The second Gloria walked through her neighbor’s door, it was slammed shut and locked behind her. Helpless and terrified, she had no choice but to meet the sexual demands placed upon her.
Tragically, each day in the Philippines, innocent children just like Gloria are forced, deceived or lured into the sex trade. Enslaved, they face physical and emotional degradation that destroys their young bodies and tender spirits.
But because the hearts of friends like you are broken by this evil perpetrated against Filipino children, the Philippines Child Rescue Home is healing the deep wounds of rescued children and rekindling their hope for the future. Praise God, Gloria was saved from her captors and today is being lovingly guided on the long journey toward recovery and restoration at the Philippines Child Rescue Home. Your generosity, along with that of other caring supporters, is providing her a safe place to live, Bible-based counseling and spiritual nurture, the opportunity to attend school, and assistance to bring her perpetrators to justice.
Recently, during a performing arts event, Gloria brought the audience to tears with her recitation of Martin Luther King Jr’s “I Have a Dream” speech. Her own dream is to attend college and become a teacher.
Thank you for partnering with Philippines Child Rescue Home to ensure that children like Gloria can experience complete restoration in Christ, dream about the future and have the opportunity to achieve those dreams. As this year comes to a close, I invite you to prayerfully consider another gift so that this life-saving ministry can provide desperately needed help and hope to even more rescued children.
For your special year-end gift, just complete the donation form above to give online. Thank you again for caring!