The One Child Matters Women's Circle of Caring began their involvement in 2009 into the lives of women and children of the remote Maasai projects in Kenya. Seven different teams have invested through significant construction projects resulting in a new church, classrooms, water projects, a garden and more. That travel is coming to a close, but the legacy can continue.

The Kenya Scholarship program was started in 2012 to help rural Maasai children attend high school. The first student will graduate in November 2016. Unlike the urban children of cities like Nairobi and Kisumu, rural Kenyan children do not have easy access to high school. So Maasai children who want to get a high school education are required to compete for positions at boarding schools that are often quite a distance away.

The Kenya Scholarship Program is administered by a committee of people from the 4 Maasai projects. All students in Kenya test at the end of 8th grade. The committee selects scholarship students, not only based upon test scores, but on integrity and leadership skills. The committee selects a boy and a girl from each of the 4 projects every year. An additional project will be added in the next couple years, making students from 5 Maasai projects eligible.

One Child Matters, through Kenya Scholarship donors, sets aside full funding for each student all the way through high school. The parents are also responsible to assist. When the children are not away at school, they are expected to participate and assist the project they attend.

Recently, OCM has provided additional tutoring to the students that need it during the breaks in the school year. The rural students are usually coming from schools that don't provide the level of education that urban schools are able to provide. In addition, OCM has set up a system to begin identifying promising students in the 5th, 6th and 7th grade in order to assist them in their studies and to prepare them for high school.

Through the Kenya Scholarship Program, many rural children will have an opportunity to attend high school. In order for the program to remain healthy, we need your support. Your monthly support will ensure that this program continues to help children that would otherwise be limited to an eighth-grade education.

Thank you for continuing to care for these children in need. Your generosity will have lasting impact in their lives as well as on the future of their communities in Kenya.

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